About Us

LVT’s music is explosive, energetic, relatable and real bold because she had to be. The Zimbabwean born DJ, rapper, singer and songwriter has versatile sounds and styles- hip-hop R&B, some chopper rap, and underground hip-hop, amongst other genres - as a way of telling her story and conveying her emotions. She goes into detail about life tragedies, pain in both the present and the past, speaking into existence the life she dreams of with unflinching honesty especially on her debut EP Who Am I released in 2019.   

“I was brutally honest with my emotions and what I went through” says LVT, and you can hear it from every lyric she wrote it’s almost as though you are experiencing the pain as well. Her lyrics and music  reflect someone who has been through hell and back but doesn’t look like nothing she has been through — she is comfortable speaking about it and learning from her experiences. She pits piano driven R&B heartbreak songs (“Wishing and Me & You”) against hardcore real rap (“Karma”) with 2000s feel hip-hop rap party feel (“Party With My Girls”) and boss girl don’t take crap bangers (“Talkin’ My Shit”) against story telling smooth rap (“Why Did You Let Him and Pray for Me”). “I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts through my music it’s like my personal journal” says LVT as she opens up through her music.

For as long as she can remember music has been an integral part of LVT’s life. At the age of 5 or 6, her  late Granddad would encourage her to sing in his church which helped her discover her knack for singing because ever since then she never stopped singing. From then music wasn’t just for fun or a hobby it really became a passion that’s when she started listening to the likes of Lil Wayne and fell in love with his music and how his music just made her feel. Her family was very music oriented singing in choir competitions however she looked up to her late Aunty the most. “Her voice was just out of this world she was the best singer in my family to me. She was amazing may her soul rest in peace” says LVT

At 18 LVT moved out from her mothers house and started university, where she started posting covers on Instagram. “I was nervous and uncomfortable at the start because of fear of rejection but thanks to my dad who is my biggest motivation he gave the push I needed and told me the sky is the limit just give it to God” says LVT. She went on to release her first single, graduated with a first honours in business information technology at Birmingham City University. She released a graduation anthem for all graduates out there which did better than expected with 15K streams and went on to be featured on a blog named as the ‘Rising Star of Leicester’. She went on to be featured by blogs such almondsprestige, 24hiphop and Niji Magazine which enabled LVT to get more fans on an international scale. Her dream is to be the biggest and best rapper and singer worldwide breaking all the records and making new history. “I want to be number one” says LVT

LVT grew up in Mutare Zimbabwe and she came to Leicester at a young age, she displayed her early love for reputable musicians — Lil Wayne, Akon, Eve, Nicki Minaj, Adele, Cardi B, Rihanna, Left Eye Lopez —into a blooming music career. With her talent ,work ethic and hustle she continues to knock on doors with her music being featured on P110, Linkup Tv and HardestBars. She has been played and interviewed on the BBC Introducing East Midlands by Dean Jackson and Aminata Kamara, of which she was artist of the week. Radio2funky, Eava Fm and Leicester Community Radios have played her music repeatedly, not to mention she has her on radio show with Radio2funky. The one-person powerhouse made her debut in the music world first performing at her Grandads church to performing in her school and college days and now at live events and open mic nights in Leicester at 2 Funky Music Cafe. She went on to perform at the Festival2Funky, Glastonblaby Festival, building a fanbase also outside of Leicester in London and Manchester. 

LVT continues to discover and enjoy her music journey. It’s relatable, fun, energetic, real and she likes to keep herself to herself because she says “People can be weird sometimes and I have a very short fuse patience is something I’m working towards even though it’s my mother’s name I don’t have it”. She contains versatility so does her music.